Scoring on Steam Sales

Steam is running their Summer Getaway Sale right now and I’ve been watching how sales prices have been changing because of my poor experience on one of their last sales. Some trends I’ve noticed over the years are showing up again. Here’s how to get some great deals…

In the earlier sale I bought something at a good price, but then the very next day it came on for a much, much better deal (lower price, more things thrown in). So, this time around, on the first day I decided only to buy things at 50%+ off within a $5-$10 range. That whole first day it appeared like the deals with all pretty much 50% off and not much more. On the second day, however, I’m seeing many 75% off deals on good titles and actually a number of 80% off deals! It seems like Steam is drawing in those people who have been waiting with reasonable first day sales and then, when they’ve made the real money they’re going to make for the sale on that first day, they just put lots of other stuff on for insane discounts for the publicity – I doubt anyone’s making money on those 75%+ off deals. Anyway, morale of the story? Almost every Steam sales has triple-A titles for 75%+ off. Try to wait for those!

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